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Wang, Y., Song, F., Zhang, B., Zhang, L., Xu, J., Kuang, D., Li, D., Choudhary, M.N.K., Li, Y., Hu, M., et al. (2018). The 3D Genome Browser: a web-based browser for visualizing 3D genome organization and long-range chromatin interactions. Genome Biology. 19, 151.


TADs in hg19       TADs in hg38       TADs in mm9       TADs in mm10       File information

Note: the TADs coordinates provided here are predicted using our in-house pipeline from Dixon et al. Nature 2012 and the list of tissue/cell type will be constantly updated as we add more data. Data source of TAD files can be found in the File information link. Please contact us if you have any quesitons.

Chromatin loops in hg19       Loops in hg38       Loops in mm9       Loops in mm10

Note: Chromatin loops in 56 tissue/cell types were predicted by Peakachu. Please cite our preprint: A supervised learning framework for chromatin loop detection in genome-wide contact maps. [Github]

Source of data available for visualization

We are hosting all the Hi-C and ChIA-PET datasets produced by the ENCODE Consortium. You can also visualize and explore the chromatin interaction data from the following publications. If you have suggestions of datasets to be added to this browser, please contact us.

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